The Hungarian Foreign Ministry has reacted to Putin’s suggestion

After Poland and Romania, Hungary has also reacted to Vladimir Putin’s statement that the countries have territorial claims against Ukraine.

Speaking on the occasion of Russia’s National Unity Day, Putin said that some countries, including Poland, had still not given up their desire to absorb parts of Ukraine and reclaim the territory they had previously annexed.

The Russian president said that Warsaw believes Ukraine should give back the territories it took from Poland in 1939.

Putin mentioned two countries other than Poland in his speech: Hungary and Romania. He said that all three countries could have territorial claims against Ukraine.

„These territories were handed over by Hungary, Romania and Poland via the use of force. These are completely different situations,” the Russian president said.

Index reached out to the Foreign Ministry for a comment on the matter:

„We do not consider it right to make statements that deepen the war conflict. Such statements must be replaced by an immediate ceasefire and peace negotiations.”

– the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, led by Péter Szijjártó, told Index.

Viktor Orbán congratulated Benjamin Netanyahu on his victory

n a post on his official Facebook page, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán congratulated Benjamin Netanyahu on Tuesday’s Israeli election results.