The German green elite’s fear of the big bang

Although on paper the German government is a three-party coalition of Social Democrats, Greens and Free Democrats, in reality, it is a kind of Green People’s Front, whose members (including the supposed opposition of CDU/CSU) are working together and without any distinction to radically rebuild society ecologically.

The war in Ukraine has created the ideal conditions for speeding up this process since now the destruction of the German industrial base and the deprivations that are to follow can be blamed on evil Russia and Putin.

There are plenty of difficulties: Inflation is now soaring towards 9 percent, and energy supplies for the autumn are in doubt. The question is what will happen first: the collapse of the electricity system or the switching off of gas heating, followed by the shutdown of entire industries due to gas or electricity shortages.

Turning on or running nuclear power plants would obviously solve both problems, but the Green government is trying to prevent this with all its might, even though over 60% of citizens would support such a measure. Climate Minister Habeck has only been able to get as far as a further investigation on this issue, and Green Party leader Lang has at least not completely ruled out the possibility that the three reactors still in operation might not be shut down. For technical reasons this decision should be taken now, but there is no sign of this happening

Anyone in Germany who thought that it was the job of governments to avoid or resolve difficulties, or even to represent the interests of the people, is now sorely disappointed.

This government, instead of solving the problems it has deliberately created, is warning its people every day, in a dramatic and almost lustful tone, of the difficult times ahead. At the same time, it is doing its utmost to make them as difficult as possible, thereby putting the German people’s tolerance to the ultimate test.

Just a few examples from the news in recent days: With electric cars still unsellable despite huge state subsidies (€4,000 per car), Climate and Economy Minister Habeck has been thinking out loud about a special tax on cars with internal combustion engines to make electric cars more attractive.

The share of various taxes in the price of petrol is already 56.53 percent, and thanks to inflation, it is “thankfully” still rising.

Making individual transport even more expensive in the current situation would mean that many people would not even be able to get to work.

But how crazy is it to subsidize electric cars and try to push them on customers at all costs, when it is questionable whether there will be electricity to meet basic needs?

Habeck’s next idea is no longer about saving gas, but about banning the use of various gas appliances.

He has threatened, in a forward-looking way, that if citizens are not willing to be cold of their own free will, he could even pass a law to ensure that gas saving is compulsory, i.e., that homes are heated to a maximum of 18 degrees.

Meanwhile, even state TV, which is practically owned by the Greens, is reporting that more gas was burned in power plants in May than ever before because renewables, who knows why, were not being supplied.

Habeck’s dictatorial ideas seem to have awakened the ambitions of the health and justice ministers in the meantime, and now they want to join in the competition to see who can restrict or eliminate more freedoms. Despite the fact that there is no sign of a new wave of epidemics in the autumn, the two ministers have already announced that masks will be compulsory for everyone and that we can expect some as yet unnamed restrictive measures, because they are also good against the flu.

A green elite intoxicated by its power and its ideology clearly no longer knows any limits, no rule of law, no constitutional rights to stop its rampage.

And yet, they feel that they may have gone too far this time and are actually afraid of a big explosion. Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock already fears a popular uprising if gas supplies collapse. The government is, of course, still not looking for rational answers, but is resorting to threats, as is customary in dictatorships: If protests take place because of the price rises and the energy crisis, they will be considered criminal acts against the state.

Nancy Faeser, the Social Democrat Minister of the Interior, notorious for her intimate links with radical left-wing groups, was recently interviewed by the Handelsblatt newspaper. Referring to the citizens who protested against the arbitrary epidemic measures, she said the following: „Of course, there is a danger that those who, during the epidemic, shouted contempt for democracy and often marched hand in hand with right-wing radicals, will now take advantage of the big price increases and use it for mobilization.”

These sentences are full of hatred for the protesters, against whom she makes nothing but false accusations. The demonstrations to which Faeser refers were almost invariably peaceful strolls, with no one shouting against democracy or anything else, and right-wing radicals were not to be found, even with a magnifying glass, among the demonstrators demanding freedoms.

What is well documented, however, is the incredible brutality with which the police attacked the participants, who had not committed any provable crime.

Meanwhile, Faeser and her constitutional defense staff have declared all anti-government demonstrations to be criminal, and criticism of government policy is now being described as “delegitimization of the state concerning the protection of the constitution.” According to Faeser and the secret services of the Interior Ministry, it is a criminal offense „to publicly express opinions and actions” (such as demonstrations) that go beyond the scope of „legitimate protest.”

What is legitimate and what is not is now determined not by the right to demonstrate and free speech guaranteed by the constitution, but by the minister of the interior and the constitutional protections at her service.

Faeser’s threat should be taken seriously, if only because she ended her outburst against the demonstrators by saying that „we are prepared for possible protests.” The Greens deputy group leader immediately expressed agreement, stating that „we must fear that right-wing populists will also use this social crisis for their own agitation.”

And the head of the Thuringian constitutional defense fears that „all the protests so far have been a kindergarten birthday party” compared to what could happen now.

In preparation for this, unprecedented purges have been carried out within all state organizations dealing with violence to remove anyone who might even be suspected of disobeying orders in a tense situation. And as a pilot of sorts, the CDU-Green government of North Rhine-Westphalia intends to set up „reporting offices” where concerned citizens can report statements that are „below the criminal threshold” but meet the criteria of „racism, anti-queer, antisemitism, anti-Gypsyism, anti-Muslim and anti-black.” In other words, they have started to build a system of informers similar to the one in former East Germany. On the basis of the allegations, “official reports” would be made and “political action” would be taken.

Social organizations or NGOs interested in this activity can apply to run the offices, and the taxpayer is sure to be happy to pay €140,000 per year for the princely care of the winners.

It is clear that those who belong to the green political elite are torn between two conflicting instincts:

On the one hand, they feel that with the war in Ukraine, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity has arrived to lay the foundations for a society based on total ecology, an opportunity they cannot afford to miss. On the other hand, they are already beginning to fear that the many fires that have been started as a result of their arson will soon lead to a massive explosion.

They are currently vacillating between these two poles. It is not yet clear which way things will go. If only because the decision does not depend solely on the green elite. Thanks to oil and gas supplies, Russian diplomacy will also hold the trump card in German domestic politics.

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