Action and Protection League opens an office in Brussels 

The opening of the European Coordinating Office of the Action and Protection League was timed to present the results of the largest-scale antisemitic research to date, covering 16 countries. 

The Action and Protection League (APL), the European network of the Action and Protection Foundation (Tett és Védelem Alapítvány or TEV in Hungarian), which has been operating in Hungary since 2012, has opened its office in Brussels, where it will coordinate the continent’s fight against antisemitism and liaise with EU bodies, according to the TEV’s website. 

In addition to Hungary, the Action and Protection League currently operates antisemitic incident monitoring services in Romania, Sweden, Austria, Norway, Poland and Slovakia, with the aim of extending this activity to the whole of Europe. 

APL will take on two important tasks in the fight against antisemitism in the coming year: monthly monitoring of antisemitic hate crimes in EU countries, and reviewing and commenting on curricula used in secondary educational institutions in each country. 

Monitoring activities include, in addition to the monitoring of physical atrocities, monitoring media and social platforms, as well as investigating anti-Israel manifestations. 

The full article can be found TEV’s site

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