MSZP seeks to exclude Jobbik’s candidate, Zsolt Süle, from the pre-election 

The party cites previous racist and antisemitic statements made by the candidate backed by Jobbik and LMP, writes. 

Impeccable candidates are needed in the pre-election in 2021, therefore the MSZP has initiated the exclusion of Zsolt Süle, who would run in the 4th individual constituency of Veszprém County, because in the party’s opinion, the politician is not such a candidate.

Zsolt Süle, who is running with the support of Jobbik and LMP, has previously made antisemitic, racist statements, due to which MSZP has initiated an ethical procedure at the National Pre-Election Committee, they write in their statement. Magyar Nemzet wrote about Zsolt Süle last month that he had previously shared insulting antisemitic posts on social media. 

According to MSZP, Süle’s statements are incompatible with the principles of the pre-election, and it is therefore initiating the exclusion of the candidate from the pre-election.

Deutsch: DK’s Gyurcsány made an electoral alliance with antisemitic politicians  – Neokohn