Deutsch: DK’s Gyurcsány made an electoral alliance with antisemitic politicians 

Leader of the Fidesz Delegation to the European Parliament, Tamás Deutsch, sent an open letter to several European politicians in connection with the Hungarian Left’s alliance with the far-right party of Jobbik, writes

Tamás Deutsch wrote an open letter to several leading European politicians in a Facebook post on Wednesday. The MEP considers the alliance between the Hungarian Left and the far-right Jobbik to be incompatible. 

„Those who support Gyurcsány support racism and antisemitism!” – Tamás Deutsch began his letter. He bases his view on the fact that the formation of a united opposition was possible only through a compromise with Jobbik, which includes “politicians with openly antisemitic, racist and racially protective views.” 

Tamás Deutsch complained that the Democratic Coalition (DK) was launching Péter Tóth, president of Jobbik for Csongrád County, in Szeged, given he had previously made openly anti-gypsy, homophobic and antisemitic statements. Deutsch also criticized the participation of Jobbik Vice-President (and MEP) Márton Gyöngyösi in the coalition, as he had previously intended to list members of the Hungarian Parliament of Jewish origin. The Fidesz MEP further criticized the fact that László Bíró, also a member of Jobbik and who called Budapest “Judapest,” was a common candidate of the opposition in the last by-elections. [Ed. note: Bíró has since dropped out of the race.] 

The head of the Fidesz delegation to the European Parliament finds it incomprehensible that European leaders who have openly stood up for liberal values “support openly racist and antisemitic candidates, evoking the darkest era in European history.” 

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