Nazis see no difference between Zionist and pro-Palestine Jews

Far-right demonstrators — supposedly members of a neo-Nazi organization called „Legio Hungaria” — attacked Auróra, the headquarters of a far-left organization in Budapest’s 8th disctrict — reports Index.

Auróra was closed, but the attackers still tore down a rainbow colored flag and set it to flames. Afterwards they placed neo-Nazi stickers on the entrance.

The events are even more complicated than that: according to press reports, it was probably the same group who later disturbed the 1956 commemoration of Jobbik, the far-right party which neo-Nazis see as too soft. An anti-Israel Palestinian organization also declared its support for Auróra.

Nowadays one can even find Hungarian-Jewish opinion piece writers who defend Jobbik in Jewish papers. But for pro-Israel people who similarly condemn far-right and far-left activists, choosing where to stand in this situation can pose no question. As such a person I am absolutely against the worldview professed by Auróra. I have criticized their views in the past and will criticize them in the future.

But now we have to stand in solidarity with the organization under attack.

As a historian, parallels from the past come to my mind. In 1919 Hungarian Zionists decided not to support the anti-Zionist Jewish organ Egyenlőség when a socialist mob attacked its editorial office. In fact, Zionists assisted the mob and later defended the incident in their papers. Such mistakes should not be made again.

Almost everything that Auróra stands for is completely wrong. They have understood nothing from Jewish history, or if they did understand anything, they probably got that wrong too. But however much we may disagree with them, it has to be kept in mind that many Jews support the organization running the place, and for their attackers, there is no difference between Zionist and pro-Palestine Jews.

In spite of the events it is good to read that the local head of police assured Auróra of more protection in the future and that the police are after the perpetrators. Hopefully no further incidents like this will happen and Hungarian Jewry can remain one of the most secure communities in Europe.

As for our ideological opponents: we have to convince them with arguments. And the fact that the far-right — after a number of years of seemingly being inactive — has decided to committ attacks in Hungary again should be a warning sign for everyone.

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