Shlomo Köves: We never thought we would have to see this humiliation again

Despite the fact that the relationship between Jewish organizations in Hungary has been fraught with conflict, they have now put aside their differences and joined forces, inviting all those who stand with Israel, under attack by terrorists, to a joint prayer. On the spot, Index asked Shlomo Köves, the chief rabbi of EMIH, about the event.

In Jerusalem Park, young people, the elderly and children appeared with Israeli flags in their hands. The event was peaceful. Among those present were MEP Tamás Deutsch; Dávid Vitézy, former State Secretary of Transport; and Deputy State Secretary Vince Szalay-Bobrovniczky representing the Hungarian government, according to Index’s report on the event.

The event was led by Kálmán Szalai, Secretary of the Action and Protection Foundation (TEV).

„We mourn the brutal murder of our brothers and sisters and pray for the safety of our loved ones”

– he said.

Andor Grósz, President of MAZSIHISZ, said that Hamas terrorists, in addition to wanting to wipe the State of Israel off the face of the earth, consider all Jews as enemies. It is therefore important that Jews around the world, regardless of their orientation, stand in solidarity with Israel and with each other.

Andor Grósz said it was reassuring that Hungary has been a stable and reliable ally of Israel in international diplomacy, the European Union and other organizations for many years.

Shlomo Köves, Chief Rabbi of the Association of Hungarian Jewish Communities (EMIH), took the stage and addressed the gathering in Hungarian and Hebrew:

„We didn’t think we would have to see this humiliation again, hundreds of people being murdered en masse.”

– he said.

At the end of the event, Rabbi Köves replied to Index’s question about the importance of Jewish organizations joining forces:

There is an old Hungarian-Jewish joke that if there are two Jews somewhere, there are at least three opinions. This is true not only for Hungarians, but also for Jews. And sometimes we can fight and quarrel with each other very willfully and determinedly. Both in Hungary and in Israel. But there are moments when we have to recognize:

There are basic things that bind us together, and in fact, we are together and united when it comes to the most important things.

What we have seen in Israel in recent days is shocking for the entire Jewish people.

He added that we have seen something that we have not seen for 80 years: hundreds of civilians murdered, dragged from their homes early in the morning, whether children, women or the elderly. He believes that we must remember the miracles that made the State of Israel possible.

„Despite the disputes, we must remember that we are brothers and sisters.

And not only members of the Jewish people are brothers, but all decent people who believe that our task is to accept each other and to create peace for the sake of a better world, not to kill and torture innocent people,” he said.

Katalin Novák also congratulated Israel on its 75th anniversary

In a Twitter message, President of Hungary Katalin Novák wished a happy birthday to the Jewish state, which was founded 75 years ago.