EMIH opens a Jewish community center in Debrecen

Members of the Jewish community in Debrecen will be able to take part in various cultural and faith-related programs at the soon-to-open Jewish House in Debrecen, Hajdú Online learned from Shlomo Köves, the head rabbi of the Association of Hungarian Jewish Communities (EMIH). 

Köves said that the Debrecen Jewish House is part of the national program of the Association of Hungarian Jewish Communities (EMIH), which aims to revitalize the Jewish community and religious life.

The soon-to-open two-story building on Piac Street in the center of the city will offer a community space where members of the Debrecen Jewish community are welcome to come and participate in various cultural and faith-related programs. But it is also a place for those who want to learn more about Judaism and a destination for the booming religious tourism. The lower level will house a kosher restaurant with seating for around 60 guests, while the upper level will accommodate 60–80 people. There will also be a playroom, as well as space for after-school studies, gatherings, events and even a rabbi’s office

– Köves said. The rabbi added that the exact date of the opening could not be set yet because they want to invite distinguished foreign guests to this event, and this depends very much on the epidemic situation.

The chief rabbi also pointed out that the Jewish House will be operated by EMIH in Debrecen, namely Rabbi Samuel Faigen and his wife Riki.

I consider the establishment of this institution very important because in recent years Debrecen has become the largest Jewish community in Hungary after the capital, and Debrecen is the second most popular destination for Israeli and Jewish tourists visiting our country. At least this was the case before the epidemic, especially after the opening of Debrecen International Airport. The fact that there will be a kosher restaurant in the city, which will be accepted by all, is certainly important for the people who come here. But I think that the people of Debrecen will also benefit from the addition of such a gastronomic specialty to the local offering of restaurants.

– summarized Shlomo Köves, who also spoke about the fate of the Erzsébet Street property owned by EMIH. Plans are underway to open a nursery and kindergarten there, but the necessary funds are still being raised.

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