Transylvanian capital gets its first public Hanukkah menorah

On Sunday evening, representatives of the Chabad Association of Kolozsvár (Cluj Napoca in Romanian) held a Hanukkah candle-lighting celebration at the beginning of Deák Ferenc Street.

For the first time in the history of the capital of Transylvania, a Hanukkah menorah, with its nine branches (for 8 candles to be lit by the shammash) was placed in a public square, measuring 2.5 meters in height, reported

During the ceremony, there was music and dancing, and the organizers distributed red scarves, doughnuts and tea to participants.

Történelmi pillanat: szabadtéri Hanuka-ünnepség Kolozsváron

Vasárnap este a Chabad Egyesület kolozsvári szervezetének képviselői Hanuka-ünnepséget tartottak a Deák Ferenc utca elején.A többnyire a Kolozsváron tanuló v…

The victorious battle commemorated with the lights of Hanukkah

The night of November 28 marked the beginning of what is perhaps one of the best-known Jewish holidays, Hanukkah, during which we light one candle each day for eight days on a menorah (an eight-branched candlestick) to commemorate a miracle that happened more than 2,000 years ago and whose message of freedom and hope is still relevant today.