According to Shlomo Köves, the Jewish community in Hungary enjoys the greatest safety 

Despite the high number of antisemitic people in Hungary, it is one of the safest countries in Europe for the Jewish community, extensive survey by EMIH shows.

The show produced by called “Keljfeljancsi!” („Wake Up!”) had Shlomo Köves, head rabbi of the Association of Hungarian Jewish Communities (EMIH), on as a guest last Thursday morning. EMIH had just a few days earlier presented the results of a survey of 16 EU countries on the perception of Jewry in the European Union at a European Jewish conference in Brussels, Pesti Hír reported. 

Asked by presenter János Fiala whether he had experienced any atrocities in his life, Köves said that he was once physically assaulted in France, when someone on a train spat on him because of his religiously Jewish attire, but he has been verbally attacked many more times. 

Regarding the research completed by EMIH, the chief rabbi said that, of course, such a survey cannot give a complete picture, but it can provide a basis for comparison. In addition to the research now published, other data must be taken into account, such as how Jews experience antisemitism in their daily lives and the number of antisemitic attacks taking place in a given country. 

Köves said: In Belgium, 20 percent of people are antisemitic, but there are many physical atrocities. In contrast, 40 percent of Hungarians hold antisemitic views on some level, but there are few cases where any actual action is taken. This is also the case in other Eastern European countries. According to the rabbi, a lack of knowledge always creates uncertainty. 

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