Dennis Prager to Neokohn: Eastern Europe will save Western Civilization

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Dennis Prager is an American radio show host, a New York Times bestselling author and founder of PragerU. He talked to Neokohn about the secular religion of America, about Joe Biden’s beliefs and about the fate of Europe and the United States. An interview by Tímea Hajdú. 

Leftist ideas from intersectionality to Critical Race Theory are becoming more and more popular in the United States. What is the reason for this?

I could give you the reason in an hour or in a minute. I give you the 1-minute version. People need religion. If the religion of the West dies, basically Christianity, or Judeo-Christian values, then you will get a secular religion as a substitute for a Bible based religion. This is exactly what happened in Europe, when Christianity died, after World War I, you got Fascism, Communism and Nazism. America stayed religious.

Now America thanks to the Left is no longer religious, or much of it is not. So, the question is what will substitute for religion in America and the answer is: some secular religion, and all secular religions tend to be on the left. Marxism, Communism, Socialism, Environmentalism, Feminism these isms are all on the left. That is in a nutshell what is happening.

This is the first time in American history, less than half of Americans go to church on Sunday. With young people it’s more. They describe themselves as non-religious but it is not true, that they don’t have religion, they have the religion of anti-racism which is the anti-religion of all the leftist religions.

Dennis Prager. Fotó: Flickr/Gage Skidmore

What do you think this new anti-American sentiment in the US?

America is rooted in three values. On every American coin are these three values: liberty, E pluribus unum, In God we Trust. The Left doesn’t like any of those things. The Left has never supported liberty in the history of leftism, and I want to make clear I am not talking about liberalism, liberals do support freedom, leftists do not. In God we Trust, the left has always been anti-religious, America has been rooted in God and religion. And E pluribus unum means “From the many, one”. The left wants to divide Americans by race, gender and class. The motto of America is that we are all American, and they loathe that, they hate that. So, the left is winning and America is losing.

You are an expert on antisemitism. Antisemitic attacks used to be rare in the United States, but they have become more frequent, and statistics show that antisemitism is on the rise. Why do you think that is?

Leftism has always been antisemitic. Jews don’t know this because many Jews are leftists. Again, I am not talking about Jews being Liberal I am talking about Jews on the left. As I said leftism has always been antisemitic from Karl Marx to Trotsky to the present. The left doesn’t like Judaism because they don’t like religion and they don’t like nationalism. So Israel is the worst possible state. Israel is nationalist and religious so they really hate it, for many of the same reasons they hate America.

The other source is Muslims in the United States. Rashida Tlaib is an example. Those two sources are very dangerous to the Jews.

Jews have become very foolish, and they’ve become foolish because they left Jewish belief. When Jews leave Judaism, they cause problems for themselves and for the world. I am not talking Orthodoxy, I am talking belief. Belief that God gave the Torah. Believing that God gave the Ten Commandments just that alone is a vaccination against leftism.

What about all the attacks in New York?

Those attacks are mostly committed by Blacks. The Anti-Defamation League had reported many-many years ago, maybe 25, that Blacks were among the minorities of the United States that have the most antisemites. Of course, not all Blacks are antisemitic, but they have the largest percentage. There is a percentage of Blacks that resent this minority’s success. By the way, most of the attacks on Asians are from Blacks as well. That is another minority that has succeeded.

On a positive note many Christians in America are very pro-Israel. Do you think Jewish and Christian communities can find an ally in each other?

Christians in America, especially Evangelicals are pro-Jew, and pro-Israel. They believe the Torah is from God, and I believe the Torah is from God. That means that we have a lot in common.

As an American how do you see the future of European Jewry? In many ways their way of life is in danger, kosher butchering is threatened by the EU, and they have suffered many attacks in recent years.

It doesn’t look like it’s a good future for European Jews. I think ironically Jews in Eastern Europe have a better future than Jews in Western Europe.

The world is opposite of what it was. As I have said whole of my life the North saved the United States in the 19th century, the South will save it in the 21th century.

Eastern Europe will now save Western Civilization. If it is saved. If it is to be saved it will be Eastern Europe.

So there is a rise in leftism, anti-Americanism, antisemitism. How do you think Joe Biden handles all this?

Joe Biden’s life has been dedicated to becoming as successful in politics as possible. He doesn’t really believe in anything. A lot of politicians don’t believe in anything, there are a lot of Republicans who don’t believe in anything, they are just in politics because they decided that they would be good at politics, like they would be good at engineering.

Biden’s life was dedicated to becoming a senator, then vice president, now president.

There is no one living in America who can tell you what Joe Biden believes, because Joe Biden couldn’t tell you what he believes. He believes whatever is in power. The left is in power, so now he is a leftist.

Same with all of them. Chuck Schumer the Senate Majority Leader, you should see he has a speech on Youtube, on how dangerous it is for Americans to allow a allow a lot of illegal aliens into the country. And now he doesn’t even allow anyone to use the world alien or illegal. Did he change his mind? Of course, he didn’t change his mind. He is just a weakling who wants to stay in power, because the left is now running the Democratic Party.

What do you think of the relationship between the democrats and Israel?

Joe Biden is still of the generation of democrats that supported Israel. The next generation of democrats does not and that will be a very big problem. Already polls show how many fewer democrats support Israel than republicans. Which is amazing, because Jews almost all vote democrat. So they vote for the party that doesn’t support Israel against the party that does. Jews have brains but they don’t have “sechel”, they don’t have common sense. Brains without common sense are useless.

Short question about the fight between Big Tech and Prager U. Many of your videos were restricted, and last year a Californian court said that Youtube has the right to censor you. Do you think this fight can be won in court?

If it gets to the Supreme Court, it would be interesting to see how it went. I hope it gets to the Supreme Court. But Big Tech, this suppression of free speech is the greatest in American history. This was the only thing Americans agreed on: you can say whatever you want.  And now we no longer agree.

These days many see Hungary in a very negative light, it has bad press in the West. What is your opinion?

I am not an expert but I know a lot about Hungary and the rest of Eastern Europe. This is my fifth trip to Hungary and two of them was under János Kádár (during soviet occupation). I studied Eastern-Europe and Soviet Union, that was my field of study. I am a big exception in this regard.

I am seeing good things happening in Hungary. That is my sense. The Left hates Hungary, but they hate anyone who is not on the left. You don’t have to agree with every single thing that Trump said, or every single thing that Orban says. For me, given my knowledge, not belief, that

the left is the greatest threat in the Western world, anti-left is a moral place to be.

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