Wiesenthal Center: Member of far-right Jobbik party running in the pre-election „problematic for the Jewish community” 

As our paper wrote previously, MP György Szilágyi, is campaigning for Budapest’s constituency No. 14 in the city’s 17th District., with the support of several left-wing opposition parties.

This is very controversial, as Szilágyi, the vice-president of Jobbik, proposed in 2013 to ban the Simon Wiesenthal Center, which he called an “anti-Hungarian organization,” in fact, claiming that the center poses a national security risk to Hungary for researching Nazi war criminals.  

Szilágyi’s problem with the center was that it condemned a group of Hungarian football ultras who had placed a sign in the stands in memory of László Csatáry during a match. Csatáry played a serious role as a police officer in the 1944 deportations to Košice. 

Our paper has now asked the Simon Wiesenthal Center what they think of Szilágyi’s run in the opposition pre-election. 

According to Director Efraim Zuroff, Luckily for us, none of the staff of the Wiesenthal Center will be voting in the Hungarian national elections in 2022. So we don’t have to decide whom to choose, from among

two candidates whose records are quite problematic for the Jewish community. The Wiesenthal Center could not in good conscience endorse either one.”

For the constituency in question, the right-wing Szilágyi will run in the opposition pre-election with the support of Momentum, DK and LMP. His opponent will be Károly Lukoczkin from MSZP.

It is not yet known who Fidesz will run.

Bakondi: Hungarians can also have their say on migration in the national consultation 

There is an important political debate on migration in the European Union, so it is important that the Hungarian people also express their views on this in the national consultation.