HUF 70 million in state support given to “Day of Honor” organizer for lodge

The funding won by the organizer of a yearly Breakout Day event will be used for the construction of a tourist lodge for hikers, the Tett és Védelem Foundation reported, referring to, based on a 2,477-page document recently published on the website of Kisfaludy 2030 Zrt.

The Kisfaludy program has so far allocated HUF 711,647,000  in individual tourism aid, and the portal draws attention to the fact that under the title of accommodation development,

HUF 70 million was won by the Hazajáró Honismereti és Turista Egylet, (“Homecoming National Knowledge and Tourist Association”).

In reply to’s question, they said

the HUF 70 million will be spent on the construction of a tourist lodge for hikers

Every year, neo-Nazi, Hungarian nationalist (Arrow Cross) and other far-right organizations (accompanied by anti-fascist counter-demonstrators) commemorate the attempt by German and Hungarian units trapped in Buda Castle to break through the Soviet siege of Budapest on February 11, 1945. This is known as the „Day of Honor” (or “Breakout Day”) and was also commemorated this year.

The group that won the tourism subsidy for the lodge is responsible for organizing an annual „Breakout Memorial Tour.”

Attempt to disguise far-right event as Holocaust commemoration

Far-right organizations have applied for their “breakout day” commemoration as an anti-fascist commemoration, according to the Action and Protection Foundation (TEV).