EMIH would even hand over the House of Fates to the Holocaust Memorial Center

Shlomo Köves, the chief rabbi of EMIH, the Association of Hungarian Jewish Communities, in response to a question from Népszava, spoke about the plans for the exhibition in the House of Fates, saying that its realization is the most important thing for him — whether this is achieved via EMIH or the state-run Holocaust Documentation Center (HDKE) at the memorial center on Páva Street.

The paper asked EMIH’s chief rabbi about an interview with Andor Grósz, the recently elected president of Mazsihisz who also chairs the HDKE’s board of trustees. In the interview, Grósz said that the House of Fates could be a two-site institution under the aegis of the HDKE.

„The new Board of Trustees set up by EMIH – the Association of Hungarian Jewish Communities completed the new exhibition concept for the House of Fates Museum two years ago. The plan was entitled „Esch Hayim – Tree of Life,” expressing that the exhibition aims to present the tragedy of the Holocaust, the history of the genocide, beyond the general historical perspective, specifically from the perspective of the Jewish community and Jewish tradition.”

– Shlomo Köves told Népszava about the work carried out by EMIH in recent years. He added:

„The detailed, 400-page concept was submitted to the government in the summer of 2021, and we have fulfilled our commitment.”

Asked by the newspaper who is responsible for the future museum and memorial site, Rabbi Köves said:

The government will decide on the realization of the concept, as well as the fate of the building, which was completed eight years ago and is owned by the Hungarian state.”

As for Grósz’s proposal to operate the House of Fates under the HDKE, Köves said:

„We welcome this. If this issue is put back on the agenda, and if the government wishes to implement the concept under the HDKE, headed by the new president of Mazsihisz, we will fully support this.”

Court rules against former MAOIH head’s request for immediate legal protection

As is known, the former president of the Autonomous Orthodox Jewish Community of Hungary (MAOIH) challenged the registration of the current president and secretary-general of the MAOIH in court, and as an immediate measure, he had asked to „reinstate himself as president” until the court’s decision- read a statement on maoih.