The German government knows how to prioritize

Before the German government and parliament said goodbye for their two-month summer break until the end of August, they quickly drafted and tabled some laws that the country desperately needed.

The laws are as follows:

  • Every person over 14 will have the right to officially change their sex once a year from mid-2023. The law was passed in the Free Democrat-dominated Justice Ministry with the support of the Social Democrat Family Ministry.
  • Illegal migrants who should be deported, but have somehow managed to avoid it for at least five years in a „tolerated” status, can regularize their status if they prove they are „well integrated” in a trial year. The draft law, which will affect at least 100,000 people, comes from the Social Democratic Interior Ministry.
  • On July 7, amid frenetic cheers from all the governing parties (and while the first companies operating large rental apartments were turning off the heating at night due to gas shortages), a historic decision was taken on legislation to regulate renewable energy. The bill was presented by the Green Economy and Climate Minister Robert Habeck.

Its main points are that the deployment of renewables is a „priority public interest” and therefore cannot be legally challenged or impeded. Each federal state is required to set aside 2% of its land for windmills and solar panels, and 80% of electricity must be generated from renewables by 2030.

If anyone were to ask what the God-given people think about this, we are lucky to have the answer today.

The Forsa polling institute regularly asks citizens with the right to vote the following question:

„Which party can best solve Germany’s problems?”

On June 28, they received the following answers:

Green Party: 23 percent

Social Democratic Party: 11 percent

Christian Democratic Union: 9%

Free Democratic Party: 2%

Other: 4%

No parliamentary party: 51%

The current government is made up of the Social Democrats, Greens and Free Democrats.

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