TEV: Jobbik will only fulfil its political mandate if it dissolves itself!

The Action and Protection Foundation (TEV) has not changed its position on Jobbik.

Kálmán Szalai, secretary of the Action and Protection Foundation responded to Mandiner’s inquiry.

According to Szalai,

„the name of Jobbik has become permanently associated with racism, anti-Jew and anti-Gypsy, which its supposed moderation of recent years has not been able to reverse.”

The TEV secretary believes that the political alliances Jobbik forged for the April election with those who were previously the most vocal denouncers and opponents of Jobbik’s exclusionary policies were only for political gain. And the voters clearly expressed their opinion on this: The parliamentary presence of these political forces has been reduced to one-third.

Szalai added that the person of Gyöngyösi (just elected president of Jobbik), whose apology for his past statement (to list all Jews in Hungary) could only be described as an insult, foreshadowed a return to the dead-end politics of the Jobbik of old, and therefore TEV’s position has not changed:

Jobbik will only fulfil its political mission if it announces its dissolution and disbands itself!

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