European Jewish Association honors Hungary’s interior minister

The European Jewish Association (EJA) honored Interior Minister Sándor Pintér for his work in improving public security and fighting antisemitism, the Association of Hungarian Jewish Communities (EMIH) – Hungarian Jewish Federation told MTI on Tuesday.

The award was presented by Rabbi Menachem Margolin, president of EJA, they wrote.

The Brussels-based organization presented a study on Monday at its annual conference in Budapest. The group compiles international research and ranks European countries according to their perception of Jewish security, antisemitism and anti-Israel sentiment. According to this research

Hungary, after Italy, is the second „friendliest” to the Jews.

In presenting the award, Alex Benjamin, director of EJA, praised the interior minister and the efforts of the Hungarian government. He mentioned that

during Sándor Pintér’s tenure as Minister of Interior, the government has improved cooperation between law enforcement agencies and Jewish communities and that the government has promoted zero tolerance for antisemitism.

He pointed out that the Faculty of Law and Order of the National University of Public Service has included hate crime law enforcement and crime prevention among its subjects. A detailed methodology for the investigation and prosecution of public denial of the crimes of the National Socialist and Communist regimes has been developed. The Criminal Code was amended to criminalize incitement to hatred in addition to incitement to violence against minorities. Furthermore, the protection of the dignity of communities was guaranteed in the fundamental law, the statement said.

EJA’s annual conference was held for the first time in Budapest.

„Our community is special because we actively strive to teach traditions”

Shlomo Köves, Chief Rabbi of the EMIH – The Association of Hungarian Jewish Communities, was interviewed by a reporter from the Jesuit magazine A Szív (The Heart).