TEV’s European antisemitic prejudice research presented to Knesset lobby

The head of EMIH, Rabbi Shlomo Köves, presented APL’s findings, as reported on TEV’s website.

Speaking to the Knesset lobby for action against antisemitism and the BDS movement, Shlomo Köves, Chief Rabbi of the Association of Hungarian Jewish Communities (EMIH), presented the results of the latest poll on antisemitism conducted by the Action and Protection League (APL)  in 16 EU Member States. [Ed. note: In Hungary, the original local group started by EMIH is called Tett és Védelem Alapítvány (TEV), or the Action and Protection Foundation (APF) in English. APL is the extended organization that now covers countries throughout Europe with its monitoring and reporting activities.] 

The panel was chaired by Amichai Chikli of the Yamina party and co-chaired by Gadi Yevarkan and Sharren Haskel of the Blue and White alliance and New Hope, respectively.

At the same time, the head of EMIH announced that the House of Fates museum, funded by the Hungarian government, would open in Budapest in 2024. Its steering committee will include renowned international historians and Holocaust experts. Among these are Yitzchak Mais, the former director of Yad Vashem in Israel; Esther Farbstein, an Israeli Holocaust scholar; and David Marwell, an American historian and former director of the Museum of Jewish Heritage in New York.

Bennett thanks Hungary for standing by Israel

Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett spoke for the first time on the phone with his Hungarian counterpart Viktor Orbán on Monday evening.