Jewish Studies undergraduate course starts at Milton Friedman University

The new Bachelor of Jewish Studies at the Ashkenazy Institute of Milton Friedman University offers the opportunity to earn two degrees and learn Hebrew. The course, which will start in the autumn and can be taken in conjunction with secular courses, is aimed at young people who want to learn more about Judaism.

The Ashkenazy Institute at Milton Friedman University’s downtown Budapest campus will launch a new bachelor’s degree in Jewish Studies in September, according to a press release sent to Neokohn. The six-semester, 12-hour-per-week course (two and a half teaching days) is open not only to applicants who belong to a Jewish denomination, but also to those who are interested in Jewish studies and would like to study alongside another secular course.

Among the subjects planned for the undergraduate degree are Jewish history, Jewish philosophy, Jewish religious studies, and a basic course in Hebrew. The program will also provide students with an understanding of the historical roots of the complex situation in the Middle East today and the history of the development of religions. Applications are now open for the degree program, which starts in September.

„We are seeing more and more young people taking an interest in the subject. The newly launched Jewish Studies degree can be combined with another popular secular BA program, allowing applicants to study two degrees in parallel. With this specialized knowledge and the ability to speak Hebrew, graduates will have an advantage in the job market,” said Dr. Krisztina Schottner, Vice-Rector for Education.

The bachelor courses that can be combined with Jewish Studies are: human resources, business informatics, economics and management, communication and media studies, community organization, international management, international studies, finance and accounting, political science, liberal arts and sociology. The deadline for applications for these is February 15, even for those who wish to take one of them in conjunction with the new theology program.

The bachelor’s degree can also be taken in parallel with the Rabbinical Studies course, which will provide an additional 12 hours per week (two and a half teaching days). The Rabbinical Studies course includes Jewish liturgy, intermediate Halachic studies, advanced Hebrew and basic Yiddish.

„I consider the launch of the Jewish Studies Bachelor’s program important because the Jewish community is in great need of professionals who are well-versed in Jewish history, who know and practice Jewish religious customs, and who can represent the worldview of Judaism in their work – even if they have other qualifications,” said Shlomo Köves, Chief Rabbi of the EMIH-The Association of Hungarian Jewish Communities.

The students of the Jewish Studies Bachelor’s program will be supported by EMIH with a substantial monthly scholarship, subject to certain conditions.

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