The first Hungarian Hasidic folk song was released

At first, the listener may be shocked by the folk song by Eli Nógrádi and his team, but then they find themselves unable to get the serene rhythms out of their head  writes

This is no surprise, by the way, as it is based on the folk song composed by Béla Bartók, “Már minálunk babám” (“My baby is already with us”), which suits it so well that after the first few seconds, all you can do is listen to the song with a smile. Of course, the lyrics have changed; there is no mention of picking cherries or acorns, they don’t even use the phrase „my baby.” Instead of these, it mentions a good friend, the Sabbath, and a phylactery, while in the short video, the viewer can get a glimpse of the everyday life of religious Jewry.

Már minálunk zsidók, népdalátirat, Hungarian folksong cover: Proud to be Jew. Nógrádi Eli és csapata – Közismert magyar dal zsidó fogalmakkal feldolgozva.***** English text at the end ***Mivelhogy a Chabad mozgalom Oroszországba…

“I based the work on a well-known Hungarian song to make it familiar to both Hungarian Jews and non-Jews. The idea came from Hasidic songs based on Russian folk songs.”

– Eli Nógrádi told

Exiled from Budapest – Interview with Gábor Dombi about the deportations in the 1950s 

In Budapest in the 1950s, thousands of Jews were deprived of their homes due to lack of space and then relocated to the countryside, often with inadequate infrastructure.