Why did Jamie Lee Curtis visit Mátészalka, Hungary?

When it comes to making movies, Hollywood loves Hungary. So, it’s no surprise yet another celebrity was spotted here. But why was Jamie Lee Curtis in the village of Mátészalka, in Hungary’s Great Northern Plain?

Not only is Hungary known for filmmaking, but many filmmakers and actors and actresses in Hollywood have a Hungarian background. Actress Jamie Lee Curtis, daughter of Tony Curtis, is no exception. Her Jewish grandparents emigrated from Mátészalka, and on Sunday, she visited the town after being invited by the mayor, Péter Hanusi, according to MTI.

The 62-year-old’s father, Tony Curtis, also came to visit his parents’ birthplace several times, writes Index.hu.

An exhibition of the personal relics of Jamie Lee’s father was organized in Mátészalka after his death, and his widow even gave the idea her approval, sending a box of items for the display. The exhibit will be open to the public on June 26, Museum Night. A cafe in the town will also bear Tony Curtis’ name.

Jamie Lee Curtis is currently shooting Borderlands in Hungary, in which she is the main character. Thus, it was an opportune time for her to visit her Hungarian roots, so dear to her dad. 

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