Marxist Hungarian philosopher protests Trump’s „threats” against Iran

Gáspár Miklós Tamás, a leading Marxist philosopher protested against Trump’s Iran policy with a small group of followers in front of the American Embassy in Budapest, calling the American president a warmonger.

„The threat of war is again hovering above the region, following a long period of relative peace”

— warned Tamás.

Gáspár Miklós Tamás holding the banner of an unidentified left-wing group.

The event was broadcast by the radical left-wing and strongly anti-Israel Hungarian website Mérce, and although the quality of the broadcast was bad, it appears that Tamás called Europe and North-America „worlds of the white”.

„Trump takes steps to destruct international organizations and covenants that protect world peace. We are against any threat to Iran, that comes from the US”.

Tamás also attacked Trump for withdrawing from the Iran nuclear deal last year.

Finally he added:

„We only support free and democratic solutions.”

This is not the first time Tamás raised his voice regarding Middle-Eastern politics, as in 2014 he called Israel a „white settler state”.