Charitable concert for the victims of the sunk ship on the Danube

Iván Fischer and his world famous Budapest Festival Orchestra is giving a charitable concert in South Korea to honor the victims of the tragically sunk ship some two weeks ago in Budapest.

As it has been reported, tourist ship “Hableány” tragically sunk on the Danube river after a collision with hotel-ship “Viking Sigyn”. There were 35 people on board of the ship, 33 south-Korean citizens and two Hungarian crew members.

Iván Fischer and the Budapest Festival Orchestra will travel to South-Korea on the 21st of July, the exact date of the concert has not yet been decided.

Photo: MTI

“I was devastated to learn about the accident, this concert is to offer condolences to the families of the victims. We do hope that they themselves can and will join the concert”- said Mr. Fischer, who also added that not only the orchestra offers sympathy this way but the people of Budapest and Hungary as well.

This is not the first time, that Iván Fischer offers concerts for charitable causes. The maestro has long been committed to various social responsibility programs. He has started “Cocoa Concerts Tour” some 20 years ago and “Midnight Concerts” as well to make classic music more appealing to younger generations.

He, along with his world famous orchestra, has arranged “Synagogue concerts tours” to benefit the restoration of abandoned, ruined synagogues around Hungary.